The Plans

We need a space that will provide the best education for all of our students, whether they have special needs, are academically inclined, or want to pursue vocational training. We need a space that fully supports the arts and our athletics programs. We need a space that allows us to expand our science programs and to move forward technologically. In short, we need a space that is as unique as we are.

Aerial Site View

Illiana’s new campus - located on the southwest corner of 109th and Calumet - sits on a spacious 37 acre plot allowing for an expansion of our current amenities to include a full size track, on campus sports fields, and ample parking for students, guests, and events.

Site Plan

The addition of generously sized parking lots, sports fields, and newly designed auditorium will allow us to improve and expand all of our programs along with our community profile and off campus relationships.


109th and Calumet Avenue, New Hanover, Indiana

Commons Area

The Commons Area has been carefully designed to encourage student relationships and to contribute to collaborative learning and a strong sense of community at our school.