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The new building will allow us to do what we’ve always done well in Fine Arts, Music, and Drama, but to do it even better. We will have larger, dedicated spaces in which our students will be better able to explore their creativity and talents.

The Center of School Community
Our new auditorium will be at the very center of our school building. That’s where we envision our arts students performing, and leading worship, and bringing our entire school community together.

Collaboration Between Disciplines
With this improved design comes the potential for collaboration between the arts and other disciplines—by having our workshops built alongside our arts department we are giving our vocational students a chance to collaborate with our art students on things like set design and lighting.

Celebrating Talents
We love our arts programs. They allow us to celebrate the accomplishments of the individual within the broader context of community: they bring us all together, they help our students discover and develop their God-given talents and gifts, and they help us create a thriving and positive spiritual environment on our campus.