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Thank you to everyone who helped make yesterday such a great day! According to Facebook analytics, during our social media campaign yesterday, we had over 15,000 people see at least one of our posts! It is exciting to see the Illiana community rally behind something as simple as social media in an effort to get the word out about our new campus.

While we are very excited about the fact that news travels fast, we are more excited about the amount of money the Illiana community committed to the campaign yesterday through this social media campaign. We had five online challenges during the day and accomplishing each challenge would release a specific amount from the donor making the challenge. We achieved the goal on 4 of the 5 challenges by a long shot and we were very close on the 5th one. We had a few nervous moments while nearing the end of a couple challenges. But without fail, at the last minute, someone from our community would come through with a gift allowing us to accomplish the goal for that challenge. By the end of the day, we received $63,708 in gifts and pledges!

Thank you for your continued support and excitement for the Building Illiana campaign. We have said it often, but we are amazed every day at the incredible generosity of our community. A special thanks to the donors that stepped up to make this social media event possible. And thank you to everyone that liked, shared or re-tweeted our challenges, we had a great day!

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