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Praying for Illiana

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This morning at the Illiana property on 109th Ave in St. John, about 30 people gathered to pray. As we stood next to the soybean field, the
symbolism of a field and Christian Education was very evident. Farmers plant seeds and watch over those seeds until they are ready for the
harvest. Farmers water, fertilize, till, and do everything they can to make sure their crop thrives. Christian Education and the Building
Illiana campaign are similar. The seeds are the students and we are watering, fertilizing, tilling, and doing everything we can to raise these
young men and women for Jesus.

As we prayed this morning next to that field, we focused our prayer on the vision: Hearts, Minds, and Community. I challenged everyone to
pray daily for our students. I put together focus points for our prayer below and encourage everyone to lift up the hearts and minds of our
students and to also pray for our community. We want the Illiana community to be a place of prayer.

• Pray for the hearts of the current students and future students.
• Pray that they will understand the love of Jesus Christ.
• Pray for their character.
• Pray they will understand their sin has been paid in full by the cross of Jesus Christ.
• Pray for good friends and that they will be good friends.
• Pray they will be inviting and that we break down cliques.
• Pray that no one is alone.

• Pray for the students’ minds that they will grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
• Pray for discernment.
• Pray they will understand their calling and work towards it.
• Pray they find their passion and calling and work towards that in all that they do.
• Pray their minds will be sharpened each and every day.
• Pray that these students will be difference makers in the kingdom.

• Pray for our community.
• Pray for unity even in disagreement.
• Pray for our homes that are under attack.
• Pray for the churches in our community as we all strive to preach and live the gospel.
• Pray for our feeder schools that they may each have great years and that their school year is covered with blessings and grace.
• Pray for the people in our community. Pray that each of them knows and understands the depths of God’s love.
• Pray that our community comes together and does more than we can ever ask or imagine.
• Pray for the parents, grandparents, and anyone who is part of Christian Education. May God place a wedge of protection and grace on all of them.
• Pray for the businesses in our community who support Christian Education and our churches.
• Pray for the capital campaign and the people involved that God may bless it.
• Pray for the teachers and staff at Illiana.

Lance is a 1995 graduate of Illiana. He is currently the Vision Director and Director of Spiritual Development at Illiana. He and his wife have two daughters who attend Crown Point Christian School. They live in St. John, IN, and are members of Faith Church.
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