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New Carbon Wheels and My Better Half

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I stopped by the Trek store last week and saw these AMAZING carbon fiber wheels. Let me explain carbon fiber for all the non-bikers out there. Carbon fiber wheels flex and bend to smooth out the bumps, dimples, and ripples in the road, which creates a smooth, comfortable, and fast ride. My biking friends tell me it’s like floating, and the idea of floating to a guy well north of 200 lbs. is very, very intriguing. I’ve done a lot of things – I’ve trudged, I’ve climbed, I’ve slid, and I think I’ve even skipped once or twice – but I have certainly never floated. I left the Trek store with vision bubbles floating through the air, and then I got home!

I presented my idea to my wise and conscientious better half, and I told her of my lifelong dream of being able to float. I even showed her a video of these sweet new wheels. She was quiet – taking it all in as she does – then she showed me a video. Can you guess what the video was?  It was the latest drone video of the unfinished Illiana campus. Well played, Rachel, well played. She set me straight with one video, and it got me thinking. How could I float by the new campus on my new fancy wheels knowing that the teachers inside were struggling with an unfinished school? So, for now, those sweet new wheels are on hold, and that money will instead be going toward the “Let’s Finish This” campaign.

In the next few weeks, you will hear from those who will most directly benefit from the completed ARC in order to help give us – the broader Illiana community – an understanding of what the next school year would look like with the completed ARC versus what next year would look like without it. What we would like you to consider is this: Are there any “new bike wheel” purchases that you could postpone to free up some funds for the ARC? Most financial advisers would tell you to look at your budget and plan for such an expenditure, but if your budget is like ours, you don’t have a “New School Construction” category. It is likely, though, that you have other categories like vacation, new kitchen, new car, and new carpet that you might be willing to postpone for a time. So let me be your better half and encourage you to look at what you can contribute.

Anthony moved to the area in 2007, with his wife Rachel who teaches History at Illiana. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a minor in human resources from Dordt College and shares his wife's passion for Christian education. In his free time he likes to go on group bike rides. They live in Cedar Lake and attend Pathway Church with their two sons.
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