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I met with a donor a few weeks ago, and he had a few concerns.  Maybe they are concerns that you share.  He asked me, “Anthony, what is this biking event all about?  Isn’t it a bit silly?  Are you still meeting with donors, or are you just planning events?”  I wanted to assure him and everyone reading this blog that I know that the idea of overweight middle-aged men in biking tights is silly, slightly embarrassing, and immensely fun.  And, yes, we are still meeting with potential donors and applying for foundation grants, but a bike ride/barbecue event helps us reach out to the community as a whole.

An event like this helps us reach out to two groups – people in Northwest Indiana who are not familiar with Illiana Christian High School and the road biking community.  Our hope is that this ride will signal to the Northwest Indiana community that Illiana (“you know, that new building behind the farmhouse on shoe corner”) will be a friendly, fun neighbor and an active part of the community.

You might be saying to yourself, “I have not ridden my bike in years!”  Then there is no better time to start than on August 26th.  The trail from Hobart to Chesterton is a ride through the forest, with almost all of the trail covered in a canopy of old growth trees and pavement that is fresh, barely a month old, no cracks, besides the one you are sitting on :).  I want to encourage families to ride together and to talk and laugh with each other as they ride.  I want to encourage married couples who just need to get out to stretch their legs and get back on track with some weekly cardio.  I want to encourage competitive brothers to grind it out to the end in a fight of willpower for bragging rights.  I want to encourage girlfriends who never seem to have the time to get together over coffee because life is too busy to just chat and bike, bike and chat.

Remember folks, this ride is not all sweat and tears; the ride ends on the shore of Lake Michigan with a wonderful barbecue catered by Welch’s Meat Market.

Transportation/busing will be available for you and your bike.  Snacks will be available along the route.  There will be plenty of encouragement, and do not forget a barbecue at the end.  Check out this video!

And on a final note, yes, we are still meeting with potential donors, filing for grants, and planning events in the hopes of ending the capital campaign by the end of the year.


Anthony Drost

AKA “Canadian Bacon”

See you on the trail!

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Anthony moved to the area in 2007, with his wife Rachel who teaches History at Illiana. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a minor in human resources from Dordt College and shares his wife's passion for Christian education. In his free time he likes to go on group bike rides. They live in Cedar Lake and attend Pathway Church with their two sons.
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