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Last week so many cool things happened at Illiana for the campaign that I couldn’t choose just one to write about. Below is a list of a few of the things that happened. As a school, we witnessed many generous hearts and gifts of all sizes. A big “Thank you” to all who served at the lemonade stands, including many future Illiana students. We will get a total for you when they all come it, but it wasn’t about the money (although some stands did very well). It was about these kids being part of this process of building our new campus. It was about the conversations with generations of Illiana graduates and also with people who don’t know anything about the school. These conversations spilled onto social media and seeing the pictures of these kids and their families was really fun. Here are some of the cool stories over the last week:

  • – An older person who is in an assisted living facility gave an amazing gift to the campaign.
  • – A teenager saved a percentage of his income all summer and gave a check to the campaign.
  • – Generations of Illiana graduates came by car, by foot, and even by boat to drink lemonade from the 15 lemonade stands in four different states. Thank you to all those who took the time to put those together!
  • – I had conversations with people who had never heard of Illiana, but after talking with them, paid a lot of money for some watered down lemonade.
  • – One lemonade stand had two graduates from the fourth graduating class of Illiana buy lemonade and baked goods from two future Illiana students.
  • – Students from Illiana’s GO Club volunteered to come to Illiana on a Saturday and run a lemonade stand for a few hours.
  • – There were four different lemonade stands in the hallways of Illiana during the day on Friday and a number of teachers donated time, energy, and money to make these happen.
  • – We received over $400,000 in gifts and pledges to the campaign last week.

There are many more, but this is a snapshot of the generosity that we have seen. Thank you to everyone who gives, prays, and contributes in any way to Illiana and to this project. It really does take a community and it is exciting to see the members of our community join hands to make this project a reality.

We have about a week and half remaining for the matching gift. Anything you can do is appreciated. If you have any questions, please give me a call. Thanks!

Lance is a 1995 graduate of Illiana. He is currently the Vision Director and Director of Spiritual Development at Illiana. He and his wife have two daughters who attend Crown Point Christian School. They live in St. John, IN, and are members of Faith Church.
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