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Fundraising event follow-up

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We are delighted to report that just over $1.1 million in cash and commitments has already been received from the “This I Believe” capital campaign fundraising dinner! With the level of commitment shown so far, we are excited about the future of Illiana Christian High School and our community. Thank you to everyone that joined us for dinner that night and thank you to those who made a gift or multi-year commitment to the campaign at the dinner. As wonderful as this amount is, this number represents only a small majority of those attending the event. Many of you decided to take your pledge card home with you to consider your level of commitment to the “This I Believe” campaign. As you consider your commitment please remember that a multi-year gift can make an incredible impact on our campaign.

For this project to find success, we cannot tell ourselves that someone else will pay for it. Each one of us needs to step forward in faith and commit to this campaign not only what we think we are able but we should also consider giving beyond our comfort level. Each of us has a different financial situation, but every gift will make an impact. This is a once in a generation project the size and scope of which has not been seen before by this community. The men and women who sacrificed to build the current Illiana saw a need in our region for a Christian high school. They knew that building this school would benefit the generations after them, and it is on their legacy and strong faith in God that we stand today. It is now our turn to leave a legacy for those who come behind us. Let’s step forward as a community and do something beyond what any of us could do alone.

For those who were not able to join us for the dinner on the 30th, we need you to join with us in this historic project. As you may have seen with the update from Peter Boonstra earlier this week, we have an exciting story to tell. For more information please visit or you can contact me at (708)474-0515 ext. 41. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the campaign and talk with you about your commitment to the legacy we will leave.

For those who attended the dinner we kindly request that you return your pledge card to Illiana by December 1 so that we can continue to progress with our campaign together. Thank you again for your support of the “This I Believe” campaign.

Steve, a 1995 Illiana graduate, has been the school’s Director of Development for 9 years. He is excited to see Illliana continue the legacy of excellence in education. He and his wife, Rebecca, live in Schererville IN, and are members of Faith Church.
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