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Exciting things are happening!

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Some pretty exciting things are happening at “Shoe Corner”!

Lots and lots of dirt has been moved, the construction fence is up, and the ground where the school will sit is being prepared. Continue to watch, as we are only a couple months away from the walls being set.

The other day, I was meeting with an Illiana graduate, someone who has lived in the community since birth, and he asked me what is going on with the new building, “Is this really going to happen?” I wondered how anyone could not know that we are building a school, but I guess that makes sense for those who don’t live in St. John or Cedar Lake. You probably don’t drive by that corner very often.

It’s happening people, and I need your help to spread the word.

We are building a Christian school that will continue to build the hearts and minds of our children to glorify God for generations to come. We are empowering our teachers with the right resources and environment. This is an exciting time for our community, but I need your help. I need your help to spread this message to encourage people everywhere to reconnect with Illiana. How do messages get spread these days? Via the inter-web and this thing called social media, of course. Please follow our Facebook page and share our posts. If we get 1000 shares or likes of the most recent post, I will get Mrs. Drost (who doesn’t actually have a social media account and probably won’t see this message) to donate an additional $500 to the ARC campaign. If we can get 2000, I will get her to donate $1,000! We have one week, so share away!

Want to see our latest drone video? Click to watch!

Anthony moved to the area in 2007, with his wife Rachel who teaches History at Illiana. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a minor in human resources from Dordt College and shares his wife's passion for Christian education. In his free time he likes to go on group bike rides. They live in Cedar Lake and attend Pathway Church with their two sons.
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