Giving Tuesday results

Thank you for all your shares, likes, and gifts on Giving Tuesday! We raised $35,000 for the ARC. More than that, we shared a lot of different reasons why we are all so committed to this project and why we are #BuildingIlliana. Thank you for your amazing generosity. Watch your email on Friday – we

Thank you!

During this season of Thanksgiving, I want to take a minute on behalf of Illiana Christian to thank all of you. I am grateful for the Illiana community and its passion for the gospel and its commitment to building the hearts and minds of our children. I am grateful for what you do for the

Why are you #BuildingIlliana?

I am #BuildingIlliana because… That is what we want to hear from you! Over 1,000 of you have financially contributed to the Building Iliana campaign and countless more have prayed for Illiana in this process. It is good to be reminded of why we do what we do. So on Giving Tuesday, November 28, we

The ARC and Athletics

From the perspective of athletics, the completion of the ARC is a necessity for our current athletic programs. Our two gyms are the most used spaces on our current campus. From the first bell at 7:45 am until 6:00, 7:00, sometimes 9:00 pm, our gyms are in use. Let’s look at a comparison of our

Drama at Illiana

Happy Wednesday! We are moving our weekly updates to Wednesday to add a little inspiration to the middle of the week. This week, we want to highlight one of the programs that will only be able to continue if we complete the ARC: drama. This weekend is the fall play, EMMA. (I encourage you to

New Carbon Wheels and My Better Half

I stopped by the Trek store last week and saw these AMAZING carbon fiber wheels. Let me explain carbon fiber for all the non-bikers out there. Carbon fiber wheels flex and bend to smooth out the bumps, dimples, and ripples in the road, which creates a smooth, comfortable, and fast ride. My biking friends tell

Fierce Lovers of Christ

Happy Friday, A few things and then a brief thought. I know there are a few pledge cards still out from our event a couple weeks ago. Please turn those in as soon as possible. We have raised $272,512 toward our “Let’s Finish This” goal of $1,500,000! We need to raise the remaining portion by


Thank you to everyone who came out for the “Let’s Finish This” event last Saturday. We had a wonderful evening on the property, enjoying food, hearing the vision of building hearts and minds, touring the campus, and writing our prayers and words of encouragement on the floor of the ARC. We hope to announcement the


Last week, a family contacted me with the desire to extend their pledge in response to the “Let’s Finish This” video. This family was planning to purchase a new car, but instead feels called to wait a year and use the money as their contribution to finishing the “Build the ARC” campaign. This family has

Sidewalk Chalk

When my kids were a little younger, they loved sidewalk chalk. They would go out on the driveway and draw pictures and write their names all over the concrete for hours. Their creations were Picassos in their little worlds. Sometimes the drawings were as simple as a cloud or a rainbow. But every once in