Designing and creating

The first action that God does in the Bible is create. The first sentence of Genesis says, “In the beginning, God created…” God was and will always be the greatest designer. Look around you and you will see His beautiful design and creation all around. Everything in this world was designed and created. Design and

Polished Concrete

I was at the new building for a meeting yesterday and I saw them working on the concrete floors. These floors were poured a while ago. They have layers of dust, dirt, and whatever falls on the floor in a construction site. In many construction sites, carpeting is laid over top and cover up the

Building through encouragement

I hope and trust you are having a good Holy Week as we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection. I told you last week that I would address vocational education in the new campus this week. I know I have done this before, but I am going to postpone that topic because there is something else on

Athletic fields

“If you build it, they will come.” Sorry, I had to quote a classic movie line from the movie Field of Dreams. Last week I asked you to pray for our students and I really appreciate all the responses of people telling me they were keeping our students in prayer. As we build a new


Happy Wednesday! I hope you are enjoying this sunny day. This is your reminder that we have another building tour at 10:00 am, on Saturday morning. Coffee and donut holes will be provided. The tour usually lasts about an hour. Please remember that no young kids will be allowed as it is an active construction

Common Grounds

Our new store and coffee shop finally has its name – Common Grounds. Thank you for your participation in naming the store. Remember, if you are interested in helping out with this in any way, please email me at ldavids@illianaweb.org.


Our big announcement with the name of the store will be coming soon. Last week I asked you to send me your questions regarding the new campus. I immediately received several questions about security at the new building. Security is on our minds a lot due to the tragic shootings we have seen repeatedly across


Each blog post, I focus on a certain aspect of the new campus project. Sometimes it is an actual piece of the building like the ARC or the coffee shop. Other times I have talked about fundraising… actually I have talked about that a lot. Many times I address spiritual aspects of the school. In

Name our store

It is time to vote! We had over 100 name suggestions for the coffee shop/store. It was fun seeing the names pour in and I have really enjoyed seeing your heart behind the names you suggested. Now that all the suggestions have come in, the committee has been brewing over the top suggestions all weekend.


Good afternoon everyone, I am going to keep this blog brief today and just remind you of two things: We have another tour of the new campus scheduled for this Saturday morning, February 24, at 10:00 am. Please park in the parking lot off of 109th Street (look for the black Yukon). Coffee and donut holes