Things are brewing

Happy Thursday, I hope you had a good 4th of July and are enjoying your summer. It’s hard to believe it is July already. This is the month the big move is happening. There is a lot to highlight this month, but today we want to focus on the coffee shop, Common Grounds. First –

Tour Cancellation

Good Morning Everyone, We need to cancel the new building tour for this Saturday. Because there is so much going on at the new building, there would have been too many areas off limits to us. We apologize for this, but as this is a live construction site, schedules and timelines are always changing and we have to

Ebenezer stone

This is Principal Peter Boonstra writing this week’s blog. Below is a devotional I wrote in June of 2016 for the first visioning and fundraising dinner for the new campus. I ask that you take a moment to read it. After it I will explain why. “Then Samuel took a stone and set it up


I feel as though my entire life has been in boxes the last few weeks. My office and my classroom at school are in boxes. My family moved a couple weeks ago, so my house is full of boxes as well. With so many boxes in my life, there is a little anxiety as well

Challenged to Ride

Summer is here. Classes are finished and the school is being packed up. Summer brings a whole lot of good things including gathering with friends and family, free time, beaches, cookouts, cottages, and mosquitoes (well most of those are good). Summer is also a great time to ride your bike. Last year we held our


Last week, I told you about the student who blew me away with his generosity with the promise of a gift. The story continued the day after I wrote that blog. On Friday, the student came up to my office and handed me a pile of money. I looked at him and said, “This is

Two questions

Thank you to everyone who came out to the building tour last Saturday! There is a lot to be excited about and it was especially good to see so many middle school kids join us for the tour. Yesterday, a senior student asked to talk to me regarding two questions he had. First he said

Friday Night Lights

“Friday Night Lights” is a movie and television show about a high school football team, but the phrase is often used to describe the community-building effect high school football can have on a community. On Friday nights in the fall, the whole community gathers at the field to watch the high school football team play

Important dates

Junior/Senior Banquet is a few weeks away so the kids are scrambling to find dates and talking about who is going with who. The process is always fun, interesting, and has its fair share of drama. However, with all the kids asking for dates, it reminded me of important dates of another kind that I

Humbling generosity

Six weeks ago, I addressed the topic of athletic fields. At that point, we only had the funds to complete the two soccer fields and one other field or court. Our plan was to transport our teams to other nearby athletic facilities until we could afford to finish the athletic complex. In that same blog,