Praying for Illiana

This morning at the Illiana property on 109th Ave in St. John, about 30 people gathered to pray. As we stood next to the soybean field, the symbolism of a field and Christian Education was very evident. Farmers plant seeds and watch over those seeds until they are ready for the harvest. Farmers water, fertilize,

Prayer meeting tomorrow

Please join us in prayer for the future of Illiana at the new campus property. We will meet at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, July 12. Please park on the street at the North end of the property on 109th Ave. We will spend time praying for the hearts and minds of our current students and for all the

Moving forward: Matching gift opportunity

Hey Illiana Community, My name is Lance Davids, and I am the new Vision Director for Illiana Christian. That title carries with it a number of new responsibilities, but the biggest right now is helping out with the Capital Campaign. We have some exciting news regarding the campaign, a lot of which we will be

Proud owners

We are excited to announce that we have closed on the property on the corner of 109th and Calumet Ave. This closing officially makes us the proud owners of the piece of property we will use to build the new Illiana campus. While we have had a contract on that property for some time now, we are

Fundraising event follow-up

We are delighted to report that just over $1.1 million in cash and commitments has already been received from the “This I Believe” capital campaign fundraising dinner! With the level of commitment shown so far, we are excited about the future of Illiana Christian High School and our community. Thank you to everyone that joined

New Campus Update

The “This I Believe” fundraising dinner was a beautiful evening to catch up and explore the immediate future of Illiana. I particularly enjoyed the way in which the evening wove together the great things that are happening at Illiana today with the hopes and plans we have for the future. Here is a link to the virtual

Fundraising event update

The Illiana “This I Believe” Campaign Dinner this past Friday night was a wonderful evening. It was a pleasure to talk with so many people and feel the buzz of anticipation and excitement in the room. With over 500 people in attendance it was hard not to be excited about the future of Illiana Christian

June Update

We hope you have seen the images of the new campus as it is currently being conceived–with a 700-seat auditorium, well-appointed athletic spaces, and a more robust academic wing all wrapped around a large open commons area. That design is now becoming increasingly detailed as we complete the schematic design phase of the project. As