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I feel as though my entire life has been in boxes the last few weeks. My office and my classroom at school are in boxes. My family moved a couple weeks ago, so my house is full of boxes as well. With so many boxes in my life, there is a little anxiety as well excitement. I know a lot of people share the same two feelings when it comes to the new Illiana Christian High School building. There is so much excitement over the new campus and we can’t wait to walk through those doors in July and start unpacking the boxes in preparation for classes in August. However, as we start to pack and get closer to the move, we feel a little more anxiety. How will our daily lives be impacted by the new space? How will student life change with a coffee shop and commons?

I have been experiencing these same emotions as my family moved and we didn’t know what to expect with the new house. How do we work the new oven? How will our longer commutes impact the family? We didn’t have a kitchen table and chairs immediately and we sat down on the floor one evening to have dinner in the middle of the boxes and mess. We went around the circle and each took a turn praying as we always do at dinner. As soon as my daughter said, “Amen”, I experienced a sense of peace. I realized nothing was changing. We may have a new house, new furniture, a bunch of boxes and a whole lot of uncertainty, but the important things are still the same. I feel that way with Illiana. While a lot will change when it comes to a new facility, the most important things won’t be changing. We continue to teach the gospel in all of our classes. We will continue to pray and do devotions with the students at the beginning of every day. We will continue to meet for chapel three days a week. We will continue to have Praise Crowd after basketball games and other events. We will continue to offer a high-quality Christian education to all of our students. The mission and values of Illiana are not changing. We will always seek to improve what we do, but we will continue to build the hearts and minds of our students for Jesus Christ.

Lance is a 1995 graduate of Illiana. He is currently the Vision Director and Director of Spiritual Development at Illiana. He and his wife have two daughters who attend Crown Point Christian School. They live in St. John, IN, and are members of Faith Church.
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