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“If you build it, they will come.” Sorry, I had to quote a classic movie line from the movie Field of Dreams. Last week I asked you to pray for our students and I really appreciate all the responses of people telling me they were keeping our students in prayer. As we build a new house for our students, let’s be sure we always make it a house of prayer.

I also mentioned last week that two common questions we receive are about the athletic fields and the use of new gifts. Today, I will address both of these.

First, let’s talk athletic fields. The only field in the original Phase 1 plan is the soccer field. We have the funds to finish a second soccer field, but first we have to move a pile of dirt out of the way. When we start school in the fall, we anticipate having only one of these four: baseball field, softball field, track, tennis courts. Although not ideal, we have made alternative plans to play these sports at other locations.

I want to go back to my opening line, “If you build it, they will come.” We believe that having a completed school with its full breadth of programs is vitally important for the sustainability and growth of the school. Facilities are an important part of that. Completed athletic facilities are important to our current and future students, as this is often a big part of the high school experience.

Second, I have received a number of inquiries from people still wanting to contribute to the campaign and wondering how their donations would be used. Because of the needs I just laid out, any new gift given to the Building Illiana Campaign at this time will go toward the Athletic Complex (baseball, softball, track, and tennis).

You can always contact me with any questions regarding the campaign or the new campus project. Thank you to the 90 people who came out on the tour last Saturday. It’s fun to see the excitement of everyone who walks through the halls and spaces where we will build the hearts and minds of our kids for Jesus Christ. Stay tuned for next week’s blog where I will address the questions regarding vocational education. Have a great week!

Lance is a 1995 graduate of Illiana. He is currently the Vision Director and Director of Spiritual Development at Illiana. He and his wife have two daughters who attend Crown Point Christian School. They live in St. John, IN, and are members of Faith Church.
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