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What’s next?

We have just started our final semester at our current campus. The new campus building project is progressing on time. This is an exciting time in the history of Illiana Christian High School. As we still sit in this season of gratitude for what God has done through this community, I want to address two

We are building an ARC!

Wow! I have been thinking about what to write today and I really can’t say much more than thank you. This community has been amazing with its support, generosity and love for the vision of building hearts and minds for Jesus Christ. It has been inspiring to witness our community not only reaching the goal

Merry Christmas!

As of December 20, we are about $158,000 away from our goal to raise the funds necessary to finish the ARC. It has been inspiring to see the community rally together to make this happen! I am confident we can reach our goal by December 31. If you are still able to contribute we would

Don’t Stop

Our Building Illiana campaign reminds me of my experience running the Chicago Marathon with my wife, Jill, three years ago. A marathon is not just a one-time deal. It involves training for months, running six times a week. You do long runs, short runs, midnight runs, early morning runs. You get to know every dog

Christmas Lights

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas lights. Overall, I love them…when they are hanging up. The process of putting them up is often a train wreck. First, you have to find them in the box hidden somewhere in the basement. Once you find them, it can take hours to unravel them. I always tell

One More Match

For almost three years now we have been actively fundraising for the new campus project. You have responded generously time and time again. Many of you have pledged, given, re-pledged and have gone above and beyond. We are all looking forward to taking a break and enjoying the exciting changes of the new campus. We

Giving Tuesday results

Thank you for all your shares, likes, and gifts on Giving Tuesday! We raised $35,000 for the ARC. More than that, we shared a lot of different reasons why we are all so committed to this project and why we are #BuildingIlliana. Thank you for your amazing generosity. Watch your email on Friday – we

Thank you!

During this season of Thanksgiving, I want to take a minute on behalf of Illiana Christian to thank all of you. I am grateful for the Illiana community and its passion for the gospel and its commitment to building the hearts and minds of our children. I am grateful for what you do for the

Why are you #BuildingIlliana?

I am #BuildingIlliana because… That is what we want to hear from you! Over 1,000 of you have financially contributed to the Building Iliana campaign and countless more have prayed for Illiana in this process. It is good to be reminded of why we do what we do. So on Giving Tuesday, November 28, we

The ARC: The Place for Students to Unite in Worship

About a month ago, I attended the Christian Educators Association Convention in Holland, Michigan. In its opening session, teachers from the entire Great Lakes region gathered to praise God through song, Scripture, and speech, uniting across grade levels and disciplines in worship together. I couldn’t help but think that it was a foretaste of the

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